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An Opportunity to Be, Stay and Elevate

1 - Seed

I had felt for some time that, by the end of the year, I would be moving.

In a hyaline moment, it was suggested to me to manifest a certain concept that would have several phases.

The base base would be a house on its own land with natural water.

I was super excited and honorably accepted the demand.

And the questions arose: how, where and when.

Communication was very vertical: you will be guided in the how and where and it will happen this summer.

And I: “Wonderful, but what about the money, how do you buy land, we are entering July and all these bureaucracies?”

And there came a firm, sweet echo: "You will be guided"

It took me 3 nights to process all the information that was shared.

I realized that I could divide the project into areas, for the strategy to be clearer: quantify what was needed for the first phase, find the appropriate land and have a wooden house (quick installation, good air conditioning and natural materials).

I realized that it would be a very high amount and I asked my Family if they could lend me the money I needed to move forward with the project.

The answer was affirmative and I moved on to the terrain phase.

I quickly realized that I had put little value on this item and that it would be very difficult to find something decent with the requirements shown.

The days went by and the realization of the land seemed further away...

I asked for guidance and the response was: "It's waiting for you because it';s not for sale. Before that, you'll have to see several and only then, you'll find him.

I thought: "Beautiful! How am I going to buy something that's not for sale? Well.... Go ahead. Let's go!"

I pointed to the wooden house. Several hypotheses, but all of them with a delivery time of 5 to 6 months. "Good!? This is January... How's it going to be?"

And more time passed and what should have been collaborating to manifest, seemed not to come out of the ether.

I have seen many lands and I have lived many disappointments. Many nights of plans and listening for signs, lived.

A very professional company that sells and installs wooden houses, shared that they found the only wooden house for delivery in all of Europe.

I thanked them effusively because the model of house available was what was needed to host the seed.

"The only home!!! It was going to be my new Home. It looked pretty quaint. Ultra Grateful"

And a few more nights to receive details for the interior of the house and what should pay more attention on the outside and glimpses of some beautiful images of that place.

And there were so many experiences that enthusiasm was being corrupted by the wait, by the means seem very scarce and by the uncertainty of realization.

And in these moments, there was always a caressing of comfort: "Distract your thoughts. Have you already visited all the river beaches in the area? You are supported and we thank you for your sacred work"

Nothing better than visiting the river beaches on a motorcycle in the summer, huh?

A great companion in these epics was the Flute and its melodious charms.

The visits took place, but with satisfactory terrain, everything fell short.

The house arrived in Portugal at the beginning of August. But the place to install it lacked an anchor.

More and more fruitless visits; until I was being guided to my land.

I already knew he was there, but time passed and the wooden house had to be installed. In the last week of the deadline and due to very favorable circumstances, I came across a place that had everything: it was flat, it had water from a hertzian bore, good sun exposure, it had the necessary area for the initial phase (with an adjacent area for future expansion), that we could handle the transfer quickly and in the place I liked the most: Graça (Pedrogão Grande)

After many negotiations, there was an agreement and, of course, a lot of Joy, Celebration and Thanks. And always with the feeling of being blessed.

And I confirmed the information received: "I had everything, it was not for sale and yes, I saw a lot of land".

I realized that all the tension experienced was unnecessary and that the visits to fantastic beaches were well lived.

After some delays and some bureaucracy, the house arrived on the land. Half a dozen pallets with wooden planks, and one with doors and windows.

I felt like a midget at Ikea. How could my house come from there? It seemed impractical.

I helped with the assembly and taking care of the exteriors and the water; and the days passed. But everything seemed to be happening almost in slow motion.

There were already windows in the house, when I started to feel such a synchronism, that everything became light.

In a tune in which the most behind or the most forward, faded into each other; it was like a fountain singing the next position at each point, and everything flowed in satiny.

The search, the deadlines, the means; they proved to be all interconnected and that the potential events would manifest at the appropriate cosmic point.

The water already fills the tanks, the garden already has greens, the house is almost, almost finished and everything will come.

I know that I will still feel many grips, I know that the Joys will be immense and I know that the Purpose is being fulfilled.


And the long-awaited moment for the Seed to hatch has arrived: the entrance to the new House!
In my daily accompaniment as the Casa grew up, there were a few days that when I arrived in the Graça area (Pedrogão Grande), I felt a feeling of Home. An atmosphere that welcomed me, protected me and where I could exist. A certainty of being able to rest deeply.
I felt that October 20, 2021 (Full Moon in Carneiro) would be my first night in the new Home. I prepared everything to be meaningful.
But the preparations didn't want to happen. And, even though I didn't have all the comfort systems finished (mainly: plumbing and electrical installation), I went ahead.
I appreciate all the incentives from those who encourage me because I loved the experience, from the first moment. 
The fact that the house is made of wood has really an extra comfort: very thermally balanced, pleasant feeling of being and ample silence.
Of course I didn't sleep at all!
A constant whirlwind of sensations. Much Joy for Being, Thanks for the process and with the ego very comforted. And there were peaks of an immersive immersion in an overwhelming feeling of Gratitude. A sensation of overflowing absolute sweetness that emanated from my Heart.
And I went over the whole process and I want to share some very interesting facts (no fruit of my choice):
* the land is a perfect square of side 26m
* the house (10.5m x 6.5m) has the golden ratio (10.5/6.5 =~ 1.618)
* the entrance door is facing west (Harvest, Abundance, Materialization)
* the soil has magnetite and quartz crystal 
And everything was Celebration: the first shower, the first breakfast, the first time enjoying the sun on the swing, the first Som Cristal, playing the flute in a wooden space with a sloping ceiling, the first meal, …
DIYs took almost every first day. The embellishment, the goldification of each point, each zone, each solution. I felt like a house gardener.
And there was a time when it became imperative to have a name; a sound key that represented the concept.
There were already some proposals, but there was one that, when it was present, eclipsed all the others: AURORIAL. The site of the inner auroras. 
Aurora is the unfolding of Light. The Emergence of Day. The potential that manifests. 
And the building of a Home followed the days. After more than a month, I just feel honored to be able to be in this moment.
And information has already begun to emerge for a new phase… 
I receive the pieces and wait for the image of the puzzle to appear.
More shares soon.

3 - Maturation

With the project's anniversary, I felt that sharing was due.

It was glorious to live the winter in this wooden Home.

The environment is always low in humidity, relatively stable temperature and effective soundproofing.

Having accepted a part-time job to give more strength to the unwinding of the flow, everything happened even faster.
And I've often felt that feeling that everything is ready and just waiting to be manifested. Like a cork that stops the cosmic flow from spouting into splendor.

It was a very intense rhythm and with a lot of joy.

And having the privilege of building my Home was an honor. Build every corner, every detail and see the structure unfold and bear visible fruits: the practical beauty of a welcoming space.

Even before Spring I felt that there was a change of direction on the etheric plane. And it was at this point that the images I had of the phases of the project began to fade and disappeared.

I still hoped that there would be a kind of replacement, but the communication was clear: “You have to wait. But you can be active. Your Serving is useful. Always remember the greater Purpose.”
And also my part-time is no longer possible.

After such an intense rhythm, this more conditioned rhythm; started to be little.
Of course, a country house is an eternal work-in progress: there is always something that can be done. And very vertically, I received: “Before it was because it was too much, now it's too little??? Appreciate and honor the quality of each moment. wait. We are always close.”

I started to invest more in the dissemination of Som Cristal here in the area, with the vast foreign resident community.

The receptivity is being very gratifying and the invitations for sound sharing are emerging.

Right now, 90% of the vegetables in my diet come from my dedication to Mother Earth. What beautiful technology! It's a miracle maker. And I'm already getting to know some of its secrets and blessings but it's always been mysterious, how it all emerges from just a seed...
And see how Geometry; that it is something so delineated and precise; to manifest so delicately in each green, in each structure, in each wonderful fruit.

To have even more autonomy, be more Off-Grid (after having its own energy and water); I am installing gas production equipment. I will give more news soon.

And summarizing this year that has passed in a single word, it just comes to me: Gratitude.
About a year ago, the project still didn't exist in my consciousness and now there's an almost Off-Grid wooden country house. As I say: “If I had planned it, it wouldn’t have been like this.”
I feel Blessed, Grateful and Honored for everything.

4 –Renovation

When I started studying the Numerology of 2023, I realized that it had the potential to be new, different and, without a doubt, far ahead.
Of course I got excited and started to tune in to these flows.
What I soon realized is that I would have to make adjustments/changes: internal and external. The more I connected, the more information was shared. And the AURORIAL consciousness immediately began to give indications.
After a Summer/Autumn prodigal in visits, sessions and stays (Grateful to everyone); and, when the rains began to be more frequent and the land flooded, everything became clear. It would also have to provide comfort in reception, in harsher conditions.
All the muddy waters from the road were entering the land; flooding it and making everything dirtier. I soon realized that I had to work even harder on my limits and respect them; and not allow intrusions or abuse. Physical or supraphysical.

I would finish certain DIYs that were waiting, change the terrain and work internally a lot. And that should happen around Christmas.

Happily, I immediately thought: “Good! It feels like a quantum leap! Grateful!"

I began to receive even more precise instructions. I thought everything was wonderful and I started to act.

It was with great joy that I started the adjustments and arrangements inside the house.
Working outside was a challenge. The rains made the earth heavier, more difficult to walk on and my physique was pushed to the limit. Only in the 2nd week, I accepted that I would have to adopt a calmer pace and that it was also in tune with the internal work.

Every digging, every wheelbarrow of earth, every effort; they contained beauty, harmony, and miracle. They were very physical meditations, out of time and creative.
Sometimes when the shovel found the earth, I realized the energies that were being moved; and the most interesting thing was to have glimpses of what was going on energetically inside me.

It was as if every time I stirred the earth, I was stirring my own interior and realizing how everything is interconnected and that nothing is local.

The inside, the outside and the rest; end up being manifestations of the same thing, but on different layers and in perfect communication. They do not exist in a point, plane or dimension. They simply are and assume the characteristics of the plane in which they are going to be molded. What on the physical plane is a liver; in the etheric it is a vortex of many colors. And in each density, it will be presented in the form corresponding to that level.

With the days, the energies were condensed into matter and the exterior arrangements showed the internal progress. Many spontaneous regressions, tears, rages, joys, and other emotions; they were the great companions of the external work.

Already in 2023, I look at the images and I am happy that AURORIAL is more comfortable in order to better serve those who use it and more suited to the energies that are present.

More improvements are being prepared and will be shared soon.
Thank you very much

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