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The euphonia group session can take place online or at a physical location near you.

Directed to all who want to have a deep, revealing and powerful experience, because the Sound/Vibration of the Pyramids and Crystal Bowls and the Voice, will create a space that allows Healing.
In each session, the Energy that manifests is interconnected with that of the participants, in order to enhance individual Cleaning, Healing and Harmonization processes, thus promoting an increase in Consciousness, perception of the Self  and expansion of your potential.
It will influence all levels of the Being in order to promote a global, balanced and perennial effect of Purification, thus radiating more Joy and Love in our daily lives.

You will feel and experience:
- Cleanliness, Lightness and Focus
- holistic healing
- Well-being and Joy

Testimonies of
euphonia group session

"I've never felt anything like this. Spectacular!"

"I traveled through many galaxies and a lot of Geometry"

"Wow! I'm still vibrating with all the Healing I've received"

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