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Practical Geometry Workshop
2 sessions of 2 hours
total value of 80€

I notice that there is a growing interest in Geometry, as a way of approaching Universal communication.
I notice that many times, Geometry is for knowledge, but if we made it practical, integrated it into our lives?
This Workshop has the objective of being able to experience it consciously and to have this tool at our disposal because there is an order in Nature, in the Universe, in Plants, in Animals, in Cycles.
No one doubts that the sun will shine again tomorrow morning.
Geometry shows how all planes are interconnected and also reminds us of the simplicity of Existence.
The Universe seems random and chaotic, but all civilizations have looked at the stars and calculated their course with magnificent accuracy, realizing their wonderful Harmony and predictability.
The great Greek sculptures with their timeless beauty enchant everyone, from all cultures.
Symbols that are repeated in various cultures, in various parts of the globe. Will there be a rule for Harmony?
In this theoretical-practical workshop, we will see these concepts and feel their vibration and metaphor; integrating them into our daily life

Expected structure:
- Concept of Sacred Geometry
- As above, also below
- Pi and Phi
- Squaring the circle, static and dynamic geometry;
- The Spiral and the Circle
- Circulation of ether vortices in matter
- 2D and 3D symbols
- The 5 Platonic Solids
- Pyramidal shape: the 4 and the 3
- Daily use of Pyramids
- Crystal Sound Pyramids

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