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Vox Sanat

Vox Sanat Workshop
(from Latin: The Voice Heals)
The Voice as a Tool for Alignment, Liberation and Healing

We often use the Voice intuitively in our sessions, with our patients, in our daily lives; but what do the experts say?
That's what I've been researching and compiling for the last 10 years.
After using several methods, I can present the most effective ones, the concepts that gave rise to them and the best way to use them.

This Workshop is for all levels, interests and vocal ability.
If you want to work more on Vocal Technique, I suggest theVoice & Mantras Workshop

envisaged structure
- Voice as Expression
- Our various voices
- How the Voice can harmonize the Universe
- Emotional unlocking techniques
- Techniques for Facilitator
- Techniques for Field Harmonization

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