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Cycle 'Know Your Sound'
Cycle of 4 live online sessions
Thursdays at 8pm (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th April)
€55 (Registration until the 5th)

We have always been looking for our Sound, but there was not always space for it to have expression.
I notice that more and more, everyone seeks to explore Sound in its various forms and as a tool for expression, exploration and discovery.
I felt that I could share my journey in the world of Frequencies, with all those who are interested in this approach to self-knowledge.
With a large practical part, this cycle will allow us to gain tools to live more intensely all the vibrations of our Life, so that we can radiate better vibrations for everyone, for the Planet and for the Universe.
Who it is for:
To everyone in general, who are interested in knowing more about Sound and its Sounds; and explore their techniques, whether advanced or beginners.

07Apr - Sound, Being and Silence
- Sound as transient phenomenon
- Vibration, the Universe and Existence
- Melody and Sound vs Silence
- Questions and answers

14Apr - Systems, Scales, Notes and Sounds
- Physical and Energy System
- Musical scales in the various traditions, the C Major scale and Chakras
- The organic sounds
- Questions and answers

21Apr - Your Sounds, your Notes and your Soul Mantra
- Your voices and your Voice
- your frequencies
- Your Soul Mantra
- Questions and answers

28Apr - Daily protection, energizing and deepening techniques
- Sound as a mental harmonizer
- How Sound can keep our vibration and elevate it
- The outer OM and the inner OM
- Questions and answers

Value: €55 (MBway: 911142707 Transfer: 003300000028329160505)
Registration: Until April 5th, with proof sent to

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