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Pyramidology Workshop
2 sessions of 2 hours
total value of 80€

Know the Knowledge of the Pyramidal Form as a bioenergetic amplifier.
Since ancient times, the Pyramids “populate” the landscapes of Mother Earth. It is not known who built them, their original date, their function. There are many theories and assumptions, but none can be conclusive or definitive. The pyramids are a mystery. The only certainty we have is that they magnetize the attention of everyone around the planet. 
This workshop will have two main parts: theoretical and practical. 
In the theoretical part, the pyramidal shape is contextualized and unveiled, so that later we can move on to the practical part with the learning of its construction. With the theory we understand why the pyramidal shape is so sensitive and at the same time powerful. We learn to use the energies that we transmit in our daily lives to promote Health, Healing and Well-being to us and to those around us and to the environments. No prior knowledge is required.

Will be addressed:
- Pyramidal shape: the 4 and the 3
- Squaring the circle, static and dynamic geometry; the Pi and the Phi
- Linus Pauling and the angle of the 5H2O molecule
- Cairo Pyramid: generator or tomb 
- Alignment, Leveling the Pyramids and the Earth Force lines
- Considerations about ferromagnetic materials in the Pyramids
- Vortexes of Ether in Matter
- The energy zones in the Pyramids
- Potential uses of the Pyramids
- Studies on the use of the Pyramids
- Sharing Personal Experience
- Healing: Considerations
- Pyramidal Healing - Presentation of materials and specifics
- The Crystal Sound Pyramids and their use

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